Co-founders of Swasti Vaatika: Pandit Luvindra Persaud and Movina Seepersaud
Since our start on April 7, 2018, Swasti Vaatika has aimed to spread positivity and share knowledge through words, art and music. We aspire to use social media as a platform to send strong vibration of goodness, peace and harmony amongst all people. 
Aum, bhadram karnebhih srunuyama devāh ||
Bhadram pasyema aksabhir yajatrāh ||
Sthirair angais tustuvām sastanūbhih ||
Vvyasema devahitam yadāyuh ||
Swasti na indro vridhasravāh ||
Swasti nah pūsā viswavedāh ||
Swasti nastārksyo aristanemih||
Swasti no brihaspatir dadhātu ||
Aum, shantih, shantih, shantih ||
Meaning: Aum! May our ears hear what is good and auspicious. May our eyes see what is right and auspicious. For the sake of Gods, may we all live the ordained span of our lives with good health and strength. May Indra who is extolled in the Vedas, Pusan, the lord of the world, Tarkshya, who saves us from harm, Brihaspati who fosters our intelligence grant us prosperity as we are engaged in the study of the scriptures and the practice of truths in them. Peace here, peace above and peace all around.
Swasti is a reference to the presence of the Self in one’s own body. Its mere existence ensures life, consciousness, and well-being of each living being. Without Self, the body is impure, not well, not alive. Swasti is an acknowledgment that all is well with the world and an affirmative wish that the sound state of things may continue by the grace of the one (God or Self) who is present in all.
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